Why did I do that?

I just remembered why I never trawl the ‘feminist’ tag…

I mean, I should be able to right? I could use it to find like-minded people, to have productive discussions about important topics, to make friends… But instead I see vitriol, and vile mis-information, blatant lies and overt misogyny. I never know whether it’s worth my time to throw some truth in their faces, because in the end i’m sure i’ll just be hurt, and they’ll go on happily ignorant. It’s like a microcosm of the real world; you try to build yourself up, they just up and tear ya down. Because it isn’t enough to be out there stirring hate, they’ve got to make sure you see it.

So for anyone out there who is legitimately looking for some awesome, positive, intellectual, empowering feminists, her is a little sample list;






  1. mumimafeminist said: Thank You! This is so nice of you! :D I know exactly how you feel :(
  2. incipient said: i have to hit my airconditioner remote like 20 times to get the batteries to work …
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